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Dave VanLandegen:
has been a member of the QCDOC for over 18 years. He has trained, owned, and shown bully breeds for many years and has put both obedience titles and conformation titles on many of them. Additionally, he put one of the first “Fly Ball” titles in the county on a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Dave and his wife Cindy are also very involved in animal rescue, especially as it relates to pit bulls. They have fostered many homeless dogs over the years and helped find them loving homes. Dave does temperament testing of dogs for local shelters.

He specializes in helping people with problem dogs, identifying problem areas and providing suggestions and training tools to help correct the problem behavior in the dog. This one-on-one approach also helps make dog owners more confident. The core of his training physiology is simple, “Dogs are dogs and not people, and if we train them with that understanding training comes easy.” A well trained dog can be a wonderful friend of the family. We reward good behavior and correct bad. More dogs die from behavior problems than any other cause. Training a dog is like a dance, it’s all about timing and the right moves.

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