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Susie Cummings:

Hi, my name is Susie Cummings. My husband and I joined QCDOC back in the 70's but were out of the club for years and rejoined about 6 years ago. We've always had Dobermans, both purebred and rescues. We have always enjoyed training and showing our dogs, both in Rally and Obedience and we have numerous titles in both, with one of our past dogs making the Top 20 in obedience in the Doberman Pinscher Club of America. I love the interaction between people and their dogs and firmly believe that training makes for a better family member and a happy dog. My training methods are a blend of positive reinforcement and some corrections when needed. Dogs are much like people; with different dogs and breeds with different personalities and backgrounds responding to different methods. To quote a sentence out of a favorite book of mine; when people ask me how to train a dog, I say "I train the dog I'm training". It's a very rewarding and bonding experience for the person and the dog and always fun to see a dog when they "get it".

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